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"Vigo, as the first city of Galicia, deserves a stable lyrical season"
05/11/2017 | Atlántico
"A cultured people is a people that thinks, and, therefore, more human and better"
16/10/2017 | Fort Worth Opera
"There is a desire for Opera; what must be done is to generate the means for people to have access to it"
21/09/2017 | Desde la Platea
"In the Great National Theater I will celebrate my 30 years of career"
21/08/2017 | El Comercio (Perú)
"Singers must learn to listen to what our voice tells us in every moment"
31/10/2016 | Diario Lírico | ES
"I find myself in the best moment of my career"
14/10/2016 | Opera World | ES
"Commitment should be a priority for every artist"
05/09/2016 | Platea Magazine | ES

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